Gen 3 Shuckle (NU Revamp)


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Shuckle has the highest base defenses in the game, but this is completely marred by its utter lack of offensive presence, barren movepool, and unappealing typing. It can theoretically totally wall a few very dangerous threats in NU, including Haunter, Flareon, Pidgeot, Bellossom, and Plusle, but can do nothing but hit them with Toxic or Encore in return and is total setup bait for other threats like Mawile, Pupitar, and Huntail. Shuckle can work a bit as a bulky pivot, protecting the team with Safeguard and locking threats into useless moves with Encore, but you will ultimately find yourself wanting something with even a modicum of offensive presence like Relicanth or Metang most games.

name: Defensive Pivot
move 1: Toxic
move 2: Encore
move 3: Safeguard
move 4: Sandstorm / Protect
item: Leftovers
ability: Sturdy
nature: Careful
evs: 252 HP / 228 Def / 28 SpD

- Shuckle has no offensive presence to speak of, so using an attacking move of any kind is highly discouraged apart from Wrap which deals consistent damage after the fact
- Toxic will be its main form of offense, crippling most of the threats it actually walls, such as Choice Band Normal-types like Pidgeot, Raticate, and Vigoroth
- Encore is Shuckle's best overall move, locking Pokemon into useless moves and allowing it to safely switch out to a teammate. Also prevents Shuckle from being total setup bait
- Safeguard helps support the team and block Toxic coming its way
- Sandstorm is Shuckle's next best method of chip damage but can also hurt its own team, making Protect a desirable alternative and allows it to scout Choice Band moves and stall for Leftovers recovery

- EVs balance Shuckle's defenses at 553 each. The main thing is Shuckle's HP should always be maxed out as it exponentially increases Shuckle's overall bulk
- More or less EVs can be run in either defense stat, but there are few benchmarks to hit leaning either way any, ie. even at max Special Defense Shuckle is still 2HKOed by Huntail's Hydro Pump, max Defense still can't avoid the 4HKO from Choice Band Hitmonchan's Sky Uppercut
- RestTalk is another option to vastly increase Shuckle's longevity, but can make it even more of a liability in the longrun as setup bait
- Shuckle works best on balance teams as a defensive pivot to get more offensive teammates in and out of the battlefield safely
- Needs a teammate to take on Water-types and Calm Mind sweepers like Chimecho, Dewgong with Perish Song works well in this regard
- Needs a teammate to take on Swords Dance users and Rock-types like Pupitar, Relicanth and Sableye work well here

[Other Options]
- Wrap
- Defense Curl + Rollout
- Sunny Day
- HP Rock (will still only deal 15-18% against Haunter, the most frail example you would want it for)
- Mimic to try and steal Seismic Toss
- Swagger since Shuckle won't mind the Attack boosts most of the time anyway

[Checks and Counters]
- Wailord, other RestTalk users like Relicanth, Dewgong, Pelipper
- Mawile
- Pupitar
- Huntail, Seadra
- Sudowoodo, Graveler
- Swalot
- Taunt Vigoroth
- Calm Mind Chimecho

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